The adventure begins

The family Crow ready to embark at Naples

After around a decade of “having a dream”, a year of “we actually could do this!” and a few months of “We’ve booked it!” we are finally a travelling family!

What started as an idea, turned more serious once we decided to home-school our children (and taking Mina out of school a year ago was a pretty definite step) and now we are in the South of Italy and are, officially, of “no fixed abode”.

I’ve been meaning to write posts for the past year, detailing the steps we took, as we took them, the plans we had, as we made them, and the challenges we faced, as we faced them. I wanted to create a record of the journey.

But life gets in the way and other things took my attention, so posting on here fell into the black “To Do” hole and stayed there until today.

In my mind, like a lot of things, I had grand ideas of the types of post I wanted to put up. All seemed to entail some mentally-projected wall of effort, such that I decided I “didn’t have time right now” and did other “more pressing” things.

So this post stands as the first on our journey “proper”.

It’s not going to be the involved post I was thinking it needed to be. Instead, it’s going to be a simple little log (oh, “blog”, a “web-log” – I get it now! 😉 ) to get the ball rolling.

I hope, in it’s simplicity, it will inspire me (and my family) to write more posts to document our adventure.

Conversely, I hope they’ll make you consider what dreams you have, and if you are really moving towards them or, if you’ve drifted a little off course.

What can you do right now to nudge yourself back on track?

After all, life’s a journey no matter what direction you take, so you may as well point your nose in the direction you actually want to go 🙂