Roses, Jasmine and Magnolias….

Our first driving adventure in Puglia is now finished and went back to Ischia, the beautiful island where I’m from. We went out for a walk and everywhere I could smell the beautiful Jasmine, reminding me of our very recent trip, and inspired me to write a post.

It may be because of spring, it may be because these plants easily grow in the south of Italy and are very popular, since we’ve left England, I’ve been smelling roses, jasmine and magnolias everywhere.

And what a delightful smell. In the last place where we stayed at, in Puglia, there was a garden with these three plants and the combination was blowing my senses away! I definitely want to have these plants in our garden, when we have our own!(At the moment though, we have the stunning Battersea Park on our doorstep, and we love it!)

This wonderful scent made me think that the sense of smell is probably one of the most underrated senses… In our era, the sense of sight and hearing are the most advertised and spoken about, but how important the smell of things is….

A smell can bring back memories of places, people, (hopefully in a good way 😉 ) bringing us back to an earlier time of our life, perhaps when we were kids…. And the games we played, and the friends we use to hang out with….

But going back to our latest trip, the perfume of Jasmine, rose and magnolia gave me such a beautiful feeling!

Looking at the garden, at the flowers and the leaves that were ornating the surroundings, all I could do was simply be in that very moment, smiling with joy, thinking of nothing but living that very moment.

This is one of the reasons I love so much when my wonderful Love buys me flowers: he knows I love them, and how much pleasure I get out of seeing and smelling beautiful flowers!

We put them on top of our kitchen table, so when we have lunch or dinner, we can enjoy the sight of the flowers, the beautiful colours and their lovely smell. Such a simple thing and yet, delightful.

One thing I’d like to teach my children is to feel and experience things in as much as possible variety they can. I’d like them to explore life and the world around them from different points of view: thus learning how to explore the world through all their senses, is a way of doing that.

All of us use some senses more than others, I use a lot the sense of sight, for example. But, it goes without saying, we never use one sense at the time. We may have the awareness of one or two at the time, but whenever we manage to be aware of how we perceive the world through all our senses, the experience is enriched and more at a wide angle. And also, brings the person’s presence to that very moment. We can learn more about ourselves, and what and who surrounds us.

We may need to stop for a moment.

We may need to purposely ask ourselves: in this precise moment, who/what do I see? Who/what do I hear? Who/what do I smell? Who/what do I touch? What are my feelings in this very moment? Personally, when I manage to stop and ask myself some of these questions, I bring more awareness to myself and this simple exercise helps to bring a sense of appreciation and gratitude for how my life is.