Pausa pipì….

Certainly, one thing I, actually We (I’m pretty sure I can talk for My Love too on this one) have been learning, when traveling with our adorable little ones, is that we must take our time, to get anything done and to go anywhere. 

Baby world has a completely different time line and agenda from the adult, and if it’s true for everyday life, more over when travelling. 

We spent four days in a farm house on the edge of a small village called Giurdignano, only ten minutes away from the Castle of Otranto in Puglia, and on the day we left, we were due to meet some friends in Gallipoli for lunch, which is only 45 minutes away.

Well, guess how long it took us to get there?

‘Just’ over two hours….

To be fair, we took the scenic route: beautiful trees that framed the road we were going along, picturesque surroundings…. And we really didn’t want to rush our journey for several reasons.

We were going through places we had never seen before, and on a sunny and warm spring day like that one, we wanted to enjoy the ride as much as possible, and soak in the atmosphere the best we could. 
The pace anyway was set, just before we left the village of Giurdignano, by our kids. It took us about 2-3 hours to get ready to leave, and when we were finally on route, our daughter said that she needed a wee! 

My parents in law were  just in front of us, and they continued on their way, (getting there on time as planned!) whilst we changed route, looking for an open restaurant or bar with a toilet where Little Miss could do a wee. 

Needless to say…. It was 1pm in an almost ghost town, where the very few bars and restaurants there were open only in the evening, so we stopped in a seemingly deserted place, where I took Little Miss to wee behind a wall in the fields. 

Old school, basically! 

Then, just before Little Miss was done, Little Master starts his concert, crying because of a dirty nappy! And voila! Nappies, wipes, nappy bag ready for action!! 

My Love and I were just crying out for laughter: the moment was so comical because of the chaos and noise and overlapping needs that needed to-be-met-as-soon-as-possible, that all we could do was…. My Tesoroply….. Laugh out loud! 

Little Master was hot and in need of another feed. Little Miss was hungry too, and luckily I kept some food for the journey (the tasty pasta dishes that the farm house chef prepared for us the night before….YUM!) 

So, here we go, whilst our friends were already in Gallipoli waiting for us to eat, we had to stop for a refuelling moment and get some munch in, since it looked like, definitely, we were not going to be there on time for lunch….. 

We decided then that, since there was no point in fretting over the fact that we were utterly, unapologetically, and unavoidably late (I mean, our friends and family know that we have previous  history of being slightly late…. Ah… ehm….Even before kids), to get in touch with friends and family that we needed to meet and say that we would arrive in Gallipoli at some point that afternoon and not to wait for us to eat! 

And there we enjoyed the journey very much, at our own pace, and keeping funny and fond memories of that warm and sunny afternoon drive from Giurdignano to Gallipoli.