The beginning(s)

This is my first post and I spent a really long time thinking when and where I could start. First, I was thinking of writing a blog by myself, because I wanted to improve my writing, but I started 5 drafts and left them unpublished. Plus I didn’t want anybody to see them, till they […]

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth…in Puglia

Despite being up, showered and breakfasted by 8:30am – a minor miracle – we still didn’t leave the B&B until gone midday. Yes we’ve two small kids, but with four adults you’d have thought we could do better! I guess it was the first day of our trip, and yesterday had been a long old […]

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A new chapter

I was stressed about missing the flight. My Tesoro was calm. I was stressed about packing too much stuff, that Ryanair would drop excess-charge bombs on us for being one centimetre over our allowance. My Tesoro was calm. I was stressed we’d forget to pack certain things, items for Little Miss, or for the baby; […]

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