The adventure begins

The family Crow ready to embark at Naples

After around a decade of “having a dream”, a year of “we actually could do this!” and a few months of “We’ve booked it!” we are finally a travelling family! What started as an idea, turned more serious once we decided to home-school our children (and taking Mina out of school a year ago was […]

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How to understand a two-year-old

I wanted to share something that just happened with our two-year-old, Leonardo, before I forget: I was just in another room and heard Leonardo scratch his sister. She complained to him and then there was quiet. A minute later, he comes into my room with a sad face, looking down to the ground all deflated. […]

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World / Home Schooling London Meet-Up

Anyone in London on the 5th Jan? We are hosting our first meet up! (p.s. it’s free, of course!). We’re hoping to meet other world / home schooling families, so if that’s you and it sounds like fun, please join us! Here’re all the details:

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Alhambra Part 1; Storming the Cliff

We’re not a family of early risers. Let me change that; Little Master is: He loves practising his burgeoning vocabulary of grunts, plosives and sirens in tandem with the sun’s daily ascension, whilst also working on his little back-fist, elbow, kicking and kneeing techniques, using Daddy as his training partner.

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How to entertain a 5-year-old when visiting an historic monument

Question: you have a 5-year-old, you’re in Grenada in Spain, and you want to wander round some churches; how do you keep the child entertained? Turns out the answer is simpler than I’d have thought: Give them their own audio guide! Bimbling round Grenada on our first full day, we’d barely left the apartment before […]

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Roses, Jasmine and Magnolias….

Our first driving adventure in Puglia is now finished and went back to Ischia, the beautiful island where I’m from. We went out for a walk and everywhere I could smell the beautiful Jasmine, reminding me of our very recent trip, and inspired me to write a post. It may be because of spring, it may be […]

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