The beginning(s)

This is my first post and I spent a really long time thinking when and where I could start. First, I was thinking of writing a blog by myself, because I wanted to improve my writing, but I started 5 drafts and left them unpublished. Plus I didn’t want anybody to see them, till they would have been acceptable…   

On a few of our lovely morning walks,  My Love and I decided to write a blog together to document our adventures as individuals, couple and family, travelling the world and our vision about life and education and many other things. I thought this may be a very good way to step things up. 

Probably all I need to do is simply start writing, and everything else will follow…. 

In one of his posts, my Love wrote that the simplest way to do anything is to start, do what you can with what you have, right now and adjust along the way. 

Often perfectionism stops from starting a new project, thinking too many conditions need to be met before doing something. 

My three months old baby adorable, clumsy behaviour, reminded me of this simple truth. He is trying to sit up now, and he tries and tries and tries, till eventually will succeed. He doesn’t seem to think that he needs to do certain things before trying, nor seems to mind the (very sweet and adorable, yes I said that already – you may pardon me, after all I’m his his mamma) clumsiness of his attempts or mistakes he may do, he just does it.  And he will succeed. And he will do it very well. Like many of us did before him. 

This is for me a new challenge, writing a blog in a language that I LOVE, but it’s not my mother tongue. I thought, may it be easier in Italian? Nope. The truth is, I have lots of things to say, but I’ve always found challenging expressing my thoughts in writing, let alone in a blog, that other people may read. 

Because this is something I find challenging, I thought it’s time for me to relate to my fears, and see if I can somehow unlock my writer’s block and see what happens. 

This year for me is filling with new beginnings, the birth my my beloved second child, first of all. What a beautiful experience. When I had my first daughter and was thinking about having a second, I thought…. Will I be able to love another child like I love my first? The answer is YES. And what’s best, LOVE doubles up! And this is with all the chaos that comes with it! The messy house, a huge pile of clothes to wash, the almost sleepless nights etc etc…. Ah, and now, when one cries, the other one completes the symphony!! Who needs to go to concerts!? (Just kidding, I still need to go to concerts)

All  accompanied by the giggles and the smiles that only children can give. My Love and I look at each other often very very tired, and yet, we wouldn’t change this chaos for nothing else in the world! 

Another new beginning is the way we travel as a family. I only ever driven on the island of Ischia, with a small exception of London (10 years ago for a very short time) and 1 hour in Sidney, (about 9 years ago – not a pleasant experience). This year, we wanted to visit the south of Italy, the region of Puglia, and make it a nice family trip, exploring the ins and outs of this beautiful region. 

One thing though, the public transports are not working very well and really, you need a car to drive around.. We thought, after discussing it with my parents in law,  let’s hire a small van! 

My father in law, who is an excellent driver, offered to drive (at gun point, he would say, but this is another story, which I may explain at some point in the future. I may write a chapter about my father in law… And when I do, you’ll understand why he needs a chapter on his own) so, back in February, I booked our flights and found the van: perfect! One thing though…. I didn’t book the van then…. And left it till last week…. Needless to say…. The van wasn’t available anymore and we couldn’t fit in one car, so….. We booked TWO cars! Nothing wrong with it, but I have never driven long distances and I was (still I’m a little nervous) terrified of driving on a motorway. My Love hasn’t got yet a driving licence, so it looked like it was the time for me to step up my driving game…. Therefore, this year is the beginning, for our family, of travelling by car. 

At the moment, my best one and I work to our strengths: I drive, he navigates with the help of my phone navigation system and together we decide which way to go. Our daughter sings to the little one, and so far we are enjoying the driving in the countryside, listening to our favorite music. It’s an untapped potential of travelling enjoyment. 

We are in the process of learning what works best for us, but I have a pleasant feeling that there is always something new to learn depending on our journey and very very exciting! 

Ok, I did it. Post finish, now I’ll press the button ‘submit’. 1,2,3, GO! 

Ciao e  presto 🙂