World / Home Schooling London Meet-Up

Anyone in London on the 5th Jan? We are hosting our first meet up! (p.s. it’s free, of course!). We’re hoping to meet other world / home schooling families, so if that’s you and it sounds like fun, please join us! Here’re all the details:

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Alhambra Part 1; Storming the Cliff

We’re not a family of early risers. Let me change that; Little Master is: He loves practising his burgeoning vocabulary of grunts, plosives and sirens in tandem with the sun’s daily ascension, whilst also working on his little back-fist, elbow, kicking and kneeing techniques, using Daddy as his training partner.

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Roses, Jasmine and Magnolias….

Our first driving adventure in Puglia is now finished and went back to Ischia, the beautiful island where I’m from. We went out for a walk and everywhere I could smell the beautiful Jasmine, reminding me of our very recent trip, and inspired me to write a post. It may be because […]

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Pausa pipì….

Certainly, one thing I, actually We (I’m pretty sure I can talk for My Love too on this one) have been learning, when traveling with our adorable little ones, is that we must take our time, to get anything done and to go anywhere.  Baby world has a completely different […]

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The beginning(s)

This is my first post and I spent a really long time thinking when and where I could start. First, I was thinking of writing a blog by myself, because I wanted to improve my writing, but I started 5 drafts and left them unpublished. Plus I didn’t want anybody […]

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth…in Puglia

Despite being up, showered and breakfasted by 8:30am – a minor miracle – we still didn’t leave the B&B until gone midday. Yes we’ve two small kids, but with four adults you’d have thought we could do better! I guess it was the first day of our trip, and yesterday […]

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